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Top Five Things I’m Thankful for in Gaming

Being that this is Thanksgiving Week in the United States, I wanted to take some time and express my gratitude and appreciation for all that I’ve been able to enjoy in gaming throughout the year. For many people around the world, this has been… Continue Reading “Top Five Things I’m Thankful for in Gaming”

Online-Only Games Should Not Be Full Price

I get it. The online component of a game is many times its biggest moneymaker. Online play brings people from all across the globe together. This type of social interaction opens the door for some major spending by gamers through microtransactions. Online gaming is… Continue Reading “Online-Only Games Should Not Be Full Price”

IN THE NEWS: Nintendo Draws Backlash Over Online Expansion

Nintendo had to have seen this coming. The company decided to expand its Nintendo Switch Online platform by adding another tier that included Animal Crossing DLC, as well as a selection of Nintendo 64 and SEGA Genesis titles. This represents a $30 difference in… Continue Reading “IN THE NEWS: Nintendo Draws Backlash Over Online Expansion”

Updates, Updates, and More Updates

There are a lot of things I overlook when it comes to video gaming. But two of the things that I still find myself annoyed with, even though I know they aren’t going to change, are game patches and system updates. I went through… Continue Reading “Updates, Updates, and More Updates”

IN THE NEWS: China Limits Online Gaming for Minors

Hope everybody is having a great weekend so far. I want to give a shout out to one of my buddies for giving me a heads up on this story coming out of China earlier this week about a crackdown from the government on… Continue Reading “IN THE NEWS: China Limits Online Gaming for Minors”