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Updates, Updates, and More Updates

There are a lot of things I overlook when it comes to video gaming. But two of the things that I still find myself annoyed with, even though I know they aren’t going to change, are game patches and system updates. I went through… Continue Reading “Updates, Updates, and More Updates”

IN THE NEWS: China Limits Online Gaming for Minors

Hope everybody is having a great weekend so far. I want to give a shout out to one of my buddies for giving me a heads up on this story coming out of China earlier this week about a crackdown from the government on… Continue Reading “IN THE NEWS: China Limits Online Gaming for Minors”

BOTS or PLAYERS: Should a Gamer Have to Choose?

I am a big fan of bots in multiplayer shooting games. This is because playing online with other players doesn’t really appeal to me. There are occasions when I will play a Call of Duty game online here and there, but those are rare… Continue Reading “BOTS or PLAYERS: Should a Gamer Have to Choose?”