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Early Access Titles I’ve Been Proud to Support

Being a PC gamer allows me to check out many games that are nowhere near ready for a full release. These games are known as “Early Access” games. By purchasing such a game, you become an investor in a project still in development, but… Continue Reading “Early Access Titles I’ve Been Proud to Support”

Top Five Things I’m Thankful for in Gaming

Being that this is Thanksgiving Week in the United States, I wanted to take some time and express my gratitude and appreciation for all that I’ve been able to enjoy in gaming throughout the year. For many people around the world, this has been… Continue Reading “Top Five Things I’m Thankful for in Gaming”

Last Epoch: An Endorsement For Early Access Gaming

I’m a time travel geek. If that theme is in a book, movie, television show, anime, or video game; then I’m interested. That is the reason why Back to the Future is my favorite movie trilogy, Steins Gate is my favorite anime, and the… Continue Reading “Last Epoch: An Endorsement For Early Access Gaming”

TVGA YouTube: Double Feature

If you’re not following and subscribed to the TVGA YouTube Channel, you’re missing out on a lot of content. I only post a fraction of the videos that I’ve uploaded here on the blog so if you are starving for more content, then please… Continue Reading “TVGA YouTube: Double Feature”