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This is Pyre, a game created by Supergiant Games that is creative, innovative and absolutely gorgeous to look at.

Indie gaming is something that I have been exposing myself to more and more over the past couple of years. While big-time game publishers such as Electronic Arts, Activision, Capcom and Square Enix seem to garner a lot of attention and income from the gaming community, there are independent publishers and developers that are doing an outstanding job at bring creativity and ingenuity to the industry. In a sense, it is as if the independent game creators are getting back to the way today’s big companies used to be in their earlier days.

Remember the days when EA Sports brought passion and innovation to their Madden, NHL, Triple Play/MVP Baseball and NBA Live series in the past? Remember when Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger on the Super Nintendo made Squaresoft a superstar company but the release of Final Fantasy VII on the original Playstation made them legendary? And what about when games like Street Fighter II (Capcom), Mortal Kombat (Midway) and NBA Jam (Midway) first hit arcades. Take a moment and remember those moments you first experienced those games and compare it to how many times you get those same goosebumps today. Furthermore, think about how you might not have known that Squaresoft, Midway and Capcom even existed until you played these games.

While bigger companies can get caught up too much in the bottom line ($$$) at the expense of quality, the independent developers know that quality is what they must focus on if they are to grow their brand. So although they won’t get the commercials or the overall exposure of a big publisher, the fact of the matter is that they are providing much needed balance in the world of gaming. In my opinion, they are providing the passion and outside-of-the-box thinking that has been lost within the major companies. As a result, they need our support.

This article isn’t intended to mean that I don’t enjoy games from major publishers. I still play the latest Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Persona 5 Royale, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Mortal Kombat 11 and The Division 2. Yet I can’t help but crave for unique gaming experiences that are completely different from the normal formulas that are too often repeated again and again in gaming with just a different coat of paint. Fortnite emerged as the top selling video game mainly due to merging two elements of shooting and building in an innovative and polished way that was different than other shooters before it. Where will the next innovation come? Definitely not from those who are just attempting to make Fortnite clones.

Having an interest in Greek mythology from my youth, when I saw Hades, I had to have this game.

One publisher that has made a significant impact on converting me to a supporter of indie gaming is Supergiant Games. Their library consists of Bastion, Hades, Pyre and Transistor. All of their titles are top notch games that are originative, stimulating, aesthetically pleasing and wonderful to play. I truly wish that companies of this sort received more attention. On this site, I plan to dedicate a good amount of time to spotlight the many independent games that are in my library to help spread the word. A couple of Youtubers worth checking out for their coverage on indie games are SplatterCatGaming and ClemmyGames.

Below is a link to some indie game developers and publishers that I have become familiar with and I want to share with you. More will be added over time.


Brace Yourself Games

Cellar Door Games

Curve Digital

Devolver Digital

Killhouse Games



Motion Twin

Next Studios

Raw Fury Games

Supergiant Games

Team 17

Terrible Posture Games

tinyBuild Games

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