Welcome to the Video Gaming Portal

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Hello and welcome to the site where you will find a wealth of video gaming information and resources that are just clicks away. What this website represents is my knowledge and experience I’ve gained from more than 35 years of gaming. From the old school arcades and the Atari 2600 to the PC and the Nintendo Switch I play on today, I have enjoyed gaming ever since I first experienced it in the early 1980s. This love continues to endure to this day. Continue Reading

TVGA YouTube: ‘The Beast’ Versus ‘The Man’

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Each Wednesday, a new wrestling game video is uploaded to the TVGA YouTube Channel. This is a showcase of me playing as Brock Lesnar against Bill Goldberg in Fire Pro Wrestling World for PC. I believe this game to easily be one of the Top 5 wrestling titles ever released. Check out the channel for other matches that have been uploaded such as Ric Flair vs Dusty Rhodes, Roman Reigns vs The Rock, and Hulk Hogan vs CM Punk. Over time, I will be mixing in other wrestling games as I have primarily used Fire Pro Wrestling World and WWE 2K19 so far.


Be Careful With Social Media Content Creators

Capture Credit: YouTube (HappyConsoleGamer)
HappyConsoleGamer is a YouTuber I would recommend to anyone because of his content and sincerity.

From the get-go, it is important to point out that the purpose of this post is not to bash video game YouTubers or Twitch streamers. I have benefited tremendously from these content creators both from an informative and entertainment standpoint, not to mention that I am a video content creator myself with the TVGA YouTube Channel. There are some truly dedicated gamers whose channels are a wonderful resource to the gaming community. But as with any form of media that is presented to you, make sure you know exactly what you’re consuming. Continue Reading

Weekly News Wrap-Up: February 27th Edition

It is hard to believe that as of February 21st, The Legend of Zelda is now 35 years old.

Happy weekend to all of you who are presently reading this post. We’ve come to the end of another gaming week. I did not get to The Legend of Zelda’s 35th anniversary last week so I will definitely have some thoughts on that in this edition of the wrap-up. Also, the news this week was more about game announcements, such as Diablo IV and a new Pokemon open world game, as well as another video game related show being developed for a streaming service. Let’s get to it. Continue Reading

TVGA YouTube: 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim

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If you are a science fiction fan that enjoys time travel, mechs, real-time strategy, and an amazing graphical presentation, then you’re in for a treat with 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. This game is tremendous. It has flown under the radar since its western release but this is a game that I’ve really enjoyed. Watch the first 15 minutes of the game from my PS4 Pro. What a gem by the folks at Vanillaware.


Thank You Epic Games for Rage 2

Credit: Bethesda
Rage 2 was recently included in the Epic Games weekly free game giveaway.

There is a game that has had me sitting on the fence for almost a year now. Rage 2 is a game that I’ve thought about purchasing many times, but I had never been able to pull the trigger. Even when the game was on sale, I just couldn’t bring myself to buy it even though Rage 2 was a first-person shooter I was more than willing to try. Have you ever had that happen to you? Well, last Thursday, it was no longer a consideration because Epic Games included the game as part of its weekly free giveaway. Needless to say, I downloaded it immediately. Continue Reading