Welcome to the Video Gaming Portal

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Hello and welcome to the site where you will find a wealth of video gaming information and resources that are just clicks away. What this website represents is my knowledge and experience I’ve gained from more than 35 years of gaming. From the old school arcades and the Atari 2600 to the PC and the Nintendo Switch I play on today, I have enjoyed gaming ever since I first experienced it in the early 1980s. This love continues to endure to this day. Continue Reading

IN THE NEWS: 2K Games Sneaks in Mandatory Ads

2K Games caught flak this week for including unskippable advertisements in a recent update.
Courtesy: GameSpot

Professional sports draws a significant amount of money through having companies advertise on their platforms. Think about how many times you’ve seen the Nike logo on your favorite team’s jerseys and footwear. Many of the arenas and stadiums that professional sports teams call home have the name of a major corporation attached to them. When it comes to advertising in video games, typically we would think that would be the case in games that are at least free-to-play. But it looks like 2K Games is looking to push that envelope in the paid game arena. Continue Reading

Gaming Sales Still Booming in Midst of Pandemic

September 2020 figures revealed that video gaming business is doing very well.
Courtesy: Mat Piscatella, The NPD Group

Even being in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic and adjusting to a different way of life has not slowed the video game industry in the United States. According to the latest financial report by The NPD Group, video game spending totaled $4.3 billion just for the month of September and a stupendous $33.7 billion for the year. Video game consumer spending in September 2020 saw a 10 percent increase from September 2019. While there is a lot of uncertainty within the world today, what is for sure is that the video game industry continues to prosper despite it. Continue Reading

Some Recent Additions to the Site

Some slight changes have been made to the menu links for better navigation of the website.

Here we are, another weekend is at hand. Time is flying by and after this month, there are only two months left in the entire year of 2020. I want to thank all of you who have taken the time to visit this website, read through the content, and access the links since the soft launch in July. Today’s post will focus on drawing your attention to some updates that have been made to the website over the past couple of weeks and how it can enhance your experience as you navigate through the site. Continue Reading

The Vanishing of my Persona 5 Game Save

Persona 5 is an incredible game that you will invest a lot of hours into to complete.

I’m sure that when most gamers think about Persona 5, their minds focus on fond memories with clear moments as to why the game may have been one of the best they’ve played. While I have an endless amount of great things to say about the game and the series as a whole, there is something else I associate the game with. How many of you remember the game where you put in hundreds of hours, only to have your saved game get corrupted or missing? This is actually what I most remember about Persona 5 to this point. Continue Reading