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IN THE NEWS: China Limits Online Gaming for Minors

Hope everybody is having a great weekend so far. I want to give a shout out to one of my buddies for giving me a heads up on this story coming out of China earlier this week about a crackdown from the government on… Continue Reading “IN THE NEWS: China Limits Online Gaming for Minors”

IN THE NEWS: Does Nintendo Switch Now Have a Competitor?

The handheld gaming market has long been dominated by Nintendo while mobile gaming has grown by leaps and bounds within the last decade. Sony has tried its hand in the market with the PlayStation Portable (PSP) and the PlayStation Vita, but both systems have… Continue Reading “IN THE NEWS: Does Nintendo Switch Now Have a Competitor?”

What an Amazing Stretch of Free Games

I have never seen anything like what I’ve experienced the last year and a half in gaming. Specifically, I’m pointing the insane amount of free games that I’ve acquired by tapping into the available resources that are available for any gamer. There is a… Continue Reading “What an Amazing Stretch of Free Games”

IN THE NEWS: Mobile Platform Dominating Gaming Industry

I don’t spend much time discussing mobile gaming because I don’t have enough experience with the platform to provide informed opinions on it. But I am aware of its humongous presence in the gaming industry. There are many gamers today that have never touched… Continue Reading “IN THE NEWS: Mobile Platform Dominating Gaming Industry”

Mobile Gaming On PC With BlueStacks

Have you ever wanted to play mobile games on your PC without the hassle of having to decide on how much memory on your phone or tablet you want to set aside for gaming? Then the BlueStacks application is something that you want to… Continue Reading “Mobile Gaming On PC With BlueStacks”