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IN THE NEWS: Nintendo Draws Backlash Over Online Expansion

Nintendo had to have seen this coming. The company decided to expand its Nintendo Switch Online platform by adding another tier that included Animal Crossing DLC, as well as a selection of Nintendo 64 and SEGA Genesis titles. This represents a $30 difference in… Continue Reading “IN THE NEWS: Nintendo Draws Backlash Over Online Expansion”

IN THE NEWS: Nintendo Direct Thoughts

Just weeks after the excellent PlayStation Showcase, it was finally time for Nintendo to provide its own display of upcoming games, downloadable content, and other expansions on Thursday through its Nintendo Direct. If you have not seen it, feel free to click on the… Continue Reading “IN THE NEWS: Nintendo Direct Thoughts”

You Had Me at the Trailer

Sometimes there are game trailers that are so good and so well done that you know that it is a guaranteed purchase after watching it. In this post, I wanted to share some of the games that I’ve purchased in recent years just off… Continue Reading “You Had Me at the Trailer”