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IN THE NEWS: Nintendo Draws Backlash Over Online Expansion

Nintendo had to have seen this coming. The company decided to expand its Nintendo Switch Online platform by adding another tier that included Animal Crossing DLC, as well as a selection of Nintendo 64 and SEGA Genesis titles. This represents a $30 difference in… Continue Reading “IN THE NEWS: Nintendo Draws Backlash Over Online Expansion”

When Mortal Kombat Came Home

Can you believe that the release of the first Mortal Kombat for home consoles took place in September 1993? That was also 28 years ago. The early 90s was an interesting era for video games as popular arcade games were being released on home… Continue Reading “When Mortal Kombat Came Home”

The First Zombies Game I Loved

I respect the Resident Evil series a great deal. Even though, I could never finish one game in the series, the story and lore of Resident Evil always fascinated me. But before the first Resident Evil became a reality on the original PlayStation, there… Continue Reading “The First Zombies Game I Loved”