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Last Epoch: An Endorsement For Early Access Gaming

I’m a time travel geek. If that theme is in a book, movie, television show, anime, or video game; then I’m interested. That is the reason why Back to the Future is my favorite movie trilogy, Steins Gate is my favorite anime, and the… Continue Reading “Last Epoch: An Endorsement For Early Access Gaming”

Mortal Kombat Movie Doesn’t Live Up to Video Games

I wanted to like the latest Mortal Kombat film. It was one of the few movies that I was genuinely looking forward to seeing in a long time. The last three Mortal Kombat games have been fantastic in their storytelling, content, and gameplay mechanics.… Continue Reading “Mortal Kombat Movie Doesn’t Live Up to Video Games”

IN THE NEWS: What is Going on With Ubisoft?

It was nearly a year ago that a French newspaper named Libération blew the lid off of what has been described as a “toxic culture” at Ubisoft. Normally, I like to wait to hear with the accused side says before ever jumping to any… Continue Reading “IN THE NEWS: What is Going on With Ubisoft?”

There’s More To Life Than Video Games

I absolutely love gaming. It is one of my favorite hobbies and I will unapologetically admit that to anybody. Despite what some people make think, I am not ashamed one bit that something that I discovered and enjoyed as a child is the same… Continue Reading “There’s More To Life Than Video Games”

BOTS or PLAYERS: Should a Gamer Have to Choose?

I am a big fan of bots in multiplayer shooting games. This is because playing online with other players doesn’t really appeal to me. There are occasions when I will play a Call of Duty game online here and there, but those are rare… Continue Reading “BOTS or PLAYERS: Should a Gamer Have to Choose?”