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Some people like to read. Others like to listen to the radio and/or watch movies. Still others like to entertain themselves though something interactive. What if there was something that combined all of these together? This is what video games do. It is the ultimate form of entertainment. It is reading a book, watching a movie and interacting all rolled into one platform. I am a gamer and I am proud of it.

My gaming experiences date all the way back to the early 1980s during the time of arcade gaming and the Atari. The first ever system I had at home was the Atari 2600. Since then I have gladly participated on the video game journey that takes us all the way to the Nintendos, Playstations and Xboxes of today. It is one of the constants in my life and unlike some of the other interests I had before that fell off, my love for gaming has endured four decades and is stronger than it has ever been. With all of the past combined with the present, I believe that we are in the golden age of gaming. There are so many choices nowadays compared to the past. The library of games that currently exist is so huge that there is even a growing retro gaming movement. Think about this. For some of you who are old enough, the Atari and Coleecovision systems you grew up with are now referred to as “classics” and “retro.” That is how many years have passed since video gaming first took root.

Think about the multiple ways you can obtain a video game these days. You can legitimately find video games to download for free if you want. Or you can subscribe to a service that gives you rental-like access to a digital library of games each month. Furthermore, you can even spend hundreds of dollars on a single game if you desire by making purchases within the game for extra content. There’s virtual reality as well. From there, if you want to create your own games, there are many tools out there at your disposal. Video gaming has never been more alive and it has been nothing short of amazing witnessing its growth into a significant part of our society.

While this website represents the culmination of all my years of gaming, it is also affords me the chance to merge my experiences in media together with something that I truly enjoy on one platform. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting in 2000 and also wrote for the campus newspaper while in college. My experience as a journalist spans over 15 years. Along the way, I have also done sports announcing and podcasting. It has been a desire of mine to be connected to the gaming industry in one shape or form. This platform is where I have decided to begin the journey.

My goal of this site is to share with you practically everything that I’ve come to know in the world of gaming. Some of my friends have benefited from what I’ve shared with them over the years but I want to extend it to anyone and everyone I can. This is why I am sharing this with all of you. I want this to be a resource for fellow gamers that can be accessed for a variety of different purposes: News, opinions, free games, gaming deals, music, mods, cheats, best Youtubers, etc. Think of this place as a portal for many of your gaming needs and enjoy your stay.

Beyond the info and resources provided, I want to use this platform to emphasize the love and joy I have for gaming. That is why this site is in a blog format. There are many topics that I would like to discuss, memories I want to share and things that I wish to call attention to that can enhance your gaming experience and knowledge.

Video games always has been and always should be about FUN, first and foremost. It is a form of entertainment that can provide enjoyment for some and a good escape for others. There is also much you can learn from them which includes problem solving skills, the ability to adapt, and perseverance when things get difficult. It can also provide an education about things in the world. But rather than have video games be about something that can divide and be used for negative means, I would rather see it used to unite people and to help make us all better people.

– Lando Rigs, The Video Gamer’s Advocate (TVGA)

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