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When Mortal Kombat Came Home

Can you believe that the release of the first Mortal Kombat for home consoles took place in September 1993? That was also 28 years ago. The early 90s was an interesting era for video games as popular arcade games were being released on home… Continue Reading “When Mortal Kombat Came Home”

Mortal Kombat Movie Doesn’t Live Up to Video Games

I wanted to like the latest Mortal Kombat film. It was one of the few movies that I was genuinely looking forward to seeing in a long time. The last three Mortal Kombat games have been fantastic in their storytelling, content, and gameplay mechanics.… Continue Reading “Mortal Kombat Movie Doesn’t Live Up to Video Games”

My Thoughts on Cheating in Gaming

Cheating is not always wrong when it comes to video games. Indeed it is an ongoing problem when it comes to online multiplayer competition, but video game history will show you that there is a clear distinction between cheating that is endorsed in gaming… Continue Reading “My Thoughts on Cheating in Gaming”

WHY I BELIEVE Street Fighter II Began the Decline of Arcades

I loved arcades growing up. From the 1980s into most of 1990s, the arcades provided gaming experiences that you just couldn’t get at home. The graphics were better and the sound was superior. The joysticks, steering wheels, and guns made it an experience like… Continue Reading “WHY I BELIEVE Street Fighter II Began the Decline of Arcades”

Nobody Creates Fan Games Like ZVitor

Free game engines such as M.U.G.E.N and Open Beats of Rage (OpenBOR) give gamers an opportunity to put together their dream fighting games. M.U.G.E.N allows for the creation of an old school arcade fighting game with just about any character one can imagine. Built… Continue Reading “Nobody Creates Fan Games Like ZVitor”