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Weekly News Wrap-Up: March 20th Edition

Spring is finally here. The weather has finally been warmer the past few days with temperatures in the 70-degree range. Before then, the winter had made one final push with lows in the upper-30s. But thank goodness that it looks as if it is… Continue Reading “Weekly News Wrap-Up: March 20th Edition”

Gaming News Wrap-Up: January 16th Edition

Hey everyone. This week was a bit more slow in regards to gaming news as we’ve entered that season on the other side of the holidays when things calm down. There still were some noteworthy news items that will be covered in this post.… Continue Reading “Gaming News Wrap-Up: January 16th Edition”

TVGA YouTube: Someone Remembered Jyn Erso

How Jyn Erso was left out of Star Wars Battlefront II (2017) was puzzling to me. She was in Star Wars Battlefront (2015) just a couple of years prior. Not only that, but Battlefront II even had the Scarif Beach map, which would have… Continue Reading “TVGA YouTube: Someone Remembered Jyn Erso”

TVGA YouTube: It’s a Star Wars Battlefront Christmas

Santa hats, green and red Storm Troopers, and a winter themed surburbia are all a part of the video above as the Battlefront-1035 mod by Delta-1035 joins forces with the Christmas in Jinglin’ Town map by Dann Boeing to create the perfect experience for… Continue Reading “TVGA YouTube: It’s a Star Wars Battlefront Christmas”

TVGA REVIEW: Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

There was a great wave of expectation when Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order was released for the Playstation 4 (PS4), Xbox One and PC last fall. Fans of Star Wars games have clamored for a single player adventure in the Star Wars universe for… Continue Reading “TVGA REVIEW: Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order”