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IN THE NEWS: PlayStation Finally Catches Nintendo

I have been thinking recently of how Sony is doing a tremendous job with the current direction of its PlayStation brand. Even without any real data, I could tell that the PlayStation 5 is gaming’s hottest new video game system with a gaming lineup… Continue Reading “IN THE NEWS: PlayStation Finally Catches Nintendo”

IN THE NEWS: Far Cry 6 Hits PC and Consoles

I’ve always been a sucker for the Far Cry series ever since I played Far Cry 3. The idea of an open world, explorative first-person shooter full of explosive mayhem with a bunch of things to do and a variety of tools to create your… Continue Reading “IN THE NEWS: Far Cry 6 Hits PC and Consoles”

IN THE NEWS: Quick Update on Activision Blizzard Lawsuit

On Saturday, I did a post on the latest happenings within the ongoing story involving the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing’s (DFEH) lawsuit against Activision Blizzard. Filed on July 20th, the lawsuit (which you can view HERE) came on the heels of at least two… Continue Reading “IN THE NEWS: Quick Update on Activision Blizzard Lawsuit”

IN THE NEWS: Microsoft is Coming Out Swingin’

Microsoft is ready to battle. If there is one thing I took from an otherwise underwhelming Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) this year, it was that Microsoft showed its commitment to draw more gamers to its platforms. Especially with the acquisition of Bethesda and other… Continue Reading “IN THE NEWS: Microsoft is Coming Out Swingin’”

Gaming News Wrap-Up: January 16th Edition

Hey everyone. This week was a bit more slow in regards to gaming news as we’ve entered that season on the other side of the holidays when things calm down. There still were some noteworthy news items that will be covered in this post.… Continue Reading “Gaming News Wrap-Up: January 16th Edition”