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Weekly News Wrap-Up: March 20th Edition

Spring is finally here. The weather has finally been warmer the past few days with temperatures in the 70-degree range. Before then, the winter had made one final push with lows in the upper-30s. But thank goodness that it looks as if it is… Continue Reading “Weekly News Wrap-Up: March 20th Edition”

Christmas Presents From GameStop

I apologize for not getting this post out sooner as we are well past the holiday season. Two of my brothers gave me GameStop gift cards for Christmas, worth $90 altogether. Normally I don’t buy PC games from GameStop so my choices came down… Continue Reading “Christmas Presents From GameStop”

New Year’s Gaming Resolutions

With a new year comes new goals and a list of things to accomplish during the present 365-day cycle. The previous year is now past and a part of history. It can not be relived or revisited. The main function of the past year… Continue Reading “New Year’s Gaming Resolutions”

Why I am Passing on the PS5 and Xbox Series X…FOR NOW

For many gamers, this is the week that you have been waiting for. All the hype over the past few years has led to the day where the masses will finally have a next-generation video game console in their possession. The Playstation 5 (PS5)… Continue Reading “Why I am Passing on the PS5 and Xbox Series X…FOR NOW”