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BOTS or PLAYERS: Should a Gamer Have to Choose?

I am a big fan of bots in multiplayer shooting games. This is because playing online with other players doesn’t really appeal to me. There are occasions when I will play a Call of Duty game online here and there, but those are rare… Continue Reading “BOTS or PLAYERS: Should a Gamer Have to Choose?”

Finally Finished Star Wars Battlefront II Campaign

It certainly took me long enough. I’ve owned the modern Star Wars Battlefront II since 2019 and had never played through and finished the campaign because I was too busy focusing on the game’s other single-player modes with a hint of online co-op mixed… Continue Reading “Finally Finished Star Wars Battlefront II Campaign”

TVGA YouTube: Someone Remembered Jyn Erso

How Jyn Erso was left out of Star Wars Battlefront II (2017) was puzzling to me. She was in Star Wars Battlefront (2015) just a couple of years prior. Not only that, but Battlefront II even had the Scarif Beach map, which would have… Continue Reading “TVGA YouTube: Someone Remembered Jyn Erso”

TVGA YouTube: It’s a Star Wars Battlefront Christmas

Santa hats, green and red Storm Troopers, and a winter themed surburbia are all a part of the video above as the Battlefront-1035 mod by Delta-1035 joins forces with the Christmas in Jinglin’ Town map by Dann Boeing to create the perfect experience for… Continue Reading “TVGA YouTube: It’s a Star Wars Battlefront Christmas”

New LEGO Star Wars Game Delayed to Next Year

At last week’s Gamescon, the gaming world found out through a three minute trailer that the highly anticipated LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga would not have a 2020 release. In a year where many games have been pushed back due to COVID-19, the… Continue Reading “New LEGO Star Wars Game Delayed to Next Year”