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TVGA YouTube: The Wrath of Kylo Ren

The Single Player Heroes Versus Villains Mod for Star Wars Battlefront II brings a multiplayer mode to single player Instant Action. Dunno123 did a great job with this mod and you must run the game in “Offline Mode” while playing this mod so you… Continue Reading “TVGA YouTube: The Wrath of Kylo Ren”

TVGA YouTube: Someone Remembered Jyn Erso

How Jyn Erso was left out of Star Wars Battlefront II (2017) was puzzling to me. She was in Star Wars Battlefront (2015) just a couple of years prior. Not only that, but Battlefront II even had the Scarif Beach map, which would have… Continue Reading “TVGA YouTube: Someone Remembered Jyn Erso”

TVGA YouTube: It’s a Star Wars Battlefront Christmas

Santa hats, green and red Storm Troopers, and a winter themed surburbia are all a part of the video above as the Battlefront-1035 mod by Delta-1035 joins forces with the Christmas in Jinglin’ Town map by Dann Boeing to create the perfect experience for… Continue Reading “TVGA YouTube: It’s a Star Wars Battlefront Christmas”