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Why I Won’t Be Purchasing Games From EA Going Forward

As someone who saw Electronic Arts ascend from its humble beginnings into a gaming corporate juggernaut, it’s been sad to see the company develop the reputation of releasing games to its consumers that are incomplete and riddled with bugs that hinder the ability to… Continue Reading “Why I Won’t Be Purchasing Games From EA Going Forward”

Game Pass on PC Finally Feels Complete

The last couple of weeks have been fantastic if you are a subscriber to Xbox Game Pass on PC. First, you had the Microsoft acquisition of ZeniMax Media becoming official which led to an assortment of Bethesda Software games being uploaded to the Game… Continue Reading “Game Pass on PC Finally Feels Complete”

Weekly News Wrap-Up: March 20th Edition

Spring is finally here. The weather has finally been warmer the past few days with temperatures in the 70-degree range. Before then, the winter had made one final push with lows in the upper-30s. But thank goodness that it looks as if it is… Continue Reading “Weekly News Wrap-Up: March 20th Edition”