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Final Fantasy IX Moguri Mod Download

I will be the first to admit that Final Fantasy IX isn’t one of my favorites in the series. When it first came out, I was disappointed in the game’s return to a more fantasy-based look rather than the more realistic-looking visuals in Final… Continue Reading “Final Fantasy IX Moguri Mod Download”

So I’ve Finally Played Diablo II

I had heard of Diablo II for decades and how the game was a trendsetter in the gaming industry. Many gamers heralded the action RPG as being the best thing to happen to PC gaming at the time. I read many accounts of people who were… Continue Reading “So I’ve Finally Played Diablo II”

My Black Friday and Winter Sale Pickups

Black Friday and the start of the winter season is a wonderful time of year if you are a gamer. You’ll find great deals on computers, consoles, games, accessories, and a whole lot more. It’s a time that you can splurge and get a… Continue Reading “My Black Friday and Winter Sale Pickups”

If Final Fantasy VII Remake Stays the Course…I’m on Board

It isn’t often that I finish a game that spans 40 hours as quickly as I finished Final Fantasy VII Remake in 2020. I thought it did a wonderful job in bringing the world of Midgar and the characters within it to life in… Continue Reading “If Final Fantasy VII Remake Stays the Course…I’m on Board”