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So I’ve Finally Played Diablo II

I had heard of Diablo II for decades and how the game was a trendsetter in the gaming industry. Many gamers heralded the action RPG as being the best thing to happen to PC gaming at the time. I read many accounts of people who were… Continue Reading “So I’ve Finally Played Diablo II”

Tales of Arise Impressions From a First-Time “Tales” Player

It has not been my normal practice in 2021 to buy games so close to their release date. Of all the games I’ve purchased throughout the year, there have been few exceptions, the most recent one being Far Cry 6. Last month, another exception… Continue Reading “Tales of Arise Impressions From a First-Time “Tales” Player”

IN THE NEWS: Far Cry 6 Hits PC and Consoles

I’ve always been a sucker for the Far Cry series ever since I played Far Cry 3. The idea of an open world, explorative first-person shooter full of explosive mayhem with a bunch of things to do and a variety of tools to create your… Continue Reading “IN THE NEWS: Far Cry 6 Hits PC and Consoles”