If Final Fantasy VII Remake Stays the Course…I’m on Board

Credit: Square Enix
Final Fantasy VII Remake was one of the best games of 2020.

It isn’t often that I finish a game that spans 40 hours as quickly as I finished Final Fantasy VII Remake in 2020. I thought it did a wonderful job in bringing the world of Midgar and the characters within it to life in a way that gamers only fantasized about when the classic version was on the original PlayStation. Final Fantasy VII Remake did an incredible job of making me appreciate its world and even though there were times when I felt the game was long-winded, I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing the continuation of the Final Fantasy VII story within this same format.

If you’re familiar with the original story, then you already know that the events within Midgar only comprise a portion of the overall game. There are still many more characters to meet and missions to take on before the complete adventure concludes. In essence, there is much more to come and I doubt that we will get it all in the next iteration of the series. Because the first game in the series actually felt like a full game in itself, I wouldn’t mind if it took four games to complete the remade version of Final Fantasy VII. And if I really want to relive the full experience while I wait, I don’t mind playing the original Final Fantasy VII in the meantime.

Even with the aspects of Final Fantasy VII Remake that I didn’t like (as noted in my review last year), I would accept some of those same flaws going forward because the overall presentation was so well done. Square Enix honored the legacy of Final Fantasy VII right with the first game and I hope that will be the case going forward. But if the mission variety is improved upon and the typical RPG fetch quests are minimized, then it would make for a better experience. The story, voice acting, and battle system were exceptionally well done. But the side quests in Final Fantasy VII Remake felt like chores, which was why I was eventually just eager for the game to end after a while. I’ve mentioned this in previous posts, but The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has the best mission variety and side missions I’ve ever seen in a role-playing game. How much better would many games be if other developers took more of CD Projekt Red’s approach with missions.

Credit: Square Enix
New content that focuses on Yuffie is now available to PS5 owners of Final Fantasy VII Intergrade beginning this month.

Square Enix released new content for its upgrade version of Final Fantasy VII Remake entitled Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. PlayStation 5 owners will get exclusive content that focuses on Yuffie, the female ninja from Wutai. I think that it is a nice bonus for PS5 owners and I hope that the content is worthy of its exclusivity. Though PS4 owners won’t get the Yuffie expansion, the PS4 version will receive some visual optimizations and a photo mode.

I’m definitely pulling for Square Enix to continue on its current path with its modern adaptation of Final Fantasy VII. My hope is that the game does not go in a direction where it becomes corrupted with microtransactions and other in-game-related cash grabs. Also, I truly hope that Square Enix stays far away from any ideas that would turn the next Final Fantasy VII Remake titles into live-action games. It has not turned out well with recently Square Enix-published games such as Marvel’s Avengers and The Outriders. The two games have drawn heavy criticism in relation to their online services. Final Fantasy VII Remake has been mostly lauded by gamers and it would be best for Square Enix’s bottom line to keep the brand in the good graces of the gaming community.

What’s coming next in the second part in Final Fantasy VII Remake? It seems we’ll get to know Red XIII a bit better and I expect Yuffie to play a significant part in the story’s progress. There’s also Cid, Cait Sith, and Vincent Valentine to consider as well. I’m looking forward to seeing how Square Enix pulls it off.


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