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Delays are a Smart Move by Publishers & Developers

I know how frustrating it could be to look forward to a game’s launch only to find out that the release date has been pushed back. It hits even harder when you’ve already pre-ordered the game. When that title gets delayed a second or… Continue Reading “Delays are a Smart Move by Publishers & Developers”

IN THE NEWS: Companies Better Start Investing in Cyber Security

When I was taking some courses within a graduate program for organizational psychology a few years ago, cybersecurity was constantly pointed out as one of the most vital departments for a company. Cybersecurity is something that is vitally important to making sure organizations retain… Continue Reading “IN THE NEWS: Companies Better Start Investing in Cyber Security”

IN THE NEWS: Could Competition Revive Sports Gaming?

Sports gaming has lacked real competition for a long time and it is believed by many sports gamers that the quality of games has suffered as a result. Sure, companies such as Electronic Arts and Take-Two Interactive (parent company of 2K) are making bigger… Continue Reading “IN THE NEWS: Could Competition Revive Sports Gaming?”

IN THE NEWS: Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Science fiction and space drama gamers can finally rejoice as Mass Effect Legendary Edition is finally available on the PC, Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4. The remastered trilogy can also be played on the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X/S through backward compatibility,… Continue Reading “IN THE NEWS: Mass Effect Legendary Edition”

Weekly News Wrap-Up: February 6th Edition

Now that we are out of January and it looks like the GameStop stock market debacle has calmed down, announcements of upcoming games and expanded content in current games are what dominated gaming news this week. Along with that, there appears to be a… Continue Reading “Weekly News Wrap-Up: February 6th Edition”