What an Amazing Stretch of Free Games

Epic Games Store’s free giveaway of Control in June was one of the best games yet.

I have never seen anything like what I’ve experienced the last year and a half in gaming. Specifically, I’m pointing the insane amount of free games that I’ve acquired by tapping into the available resources that are available for any gamer. There is a substantial amount of links to those resources on this site if you access the “FREE GAMES” section in the main menu above. But I’m still in shock that since late 2019, I have acquired probably around 300 games for the fabulous price of FREE.

The Epic Games Store has been where I’ve obtained the bulk of my free PC titles. IndieGala ranks second as I have gained a growing library of games through my free account with that site. Those two stores have consistently given away at least one free game a week since I signed up for both in 2019. Steam has an incredible free game library that is worth looking into while also giving away a free game ever so often. I know that I’ve done a similar post to this on the blog before, but it’s preposterous to me that it is still continuing at even a greater rate in 2021.

Surviving Mars Deluxe Edition, a city building game, was recently given away on Steam for free.

Just between May and June, the free games included Control (Epic), Overcooked 2 (Epic), Frostpunk (Epic), Horizon Chase Turbo (Epic), NBA 2K21 (Epic), Genshin Impact (Epic), Battlefield 4 (Amazon Prime), Hellpoint (GOG), Surviving Mars Deluxe Edition (Steam), Little Nightmares (Steam), and Tell Me Why (Steam). Along with these highlights and other free games I claimed just in the past two months, there were also others that I didn’t because I already had it such as IndieGala giving away Agatha Christie and the ABC Murders.

For the consoles, PlayStation was very generous with its Stay at Home initiative that provided more than 10 free games during the spring. The standouts were Subnautica, Enter the Gungeon, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Ratchet and Clank. Xbox gave away Tell Me Why for free on Steam, Windows 10, and Xbox consoles in celebration of Pride Month.

Fan made games like Final Fight LNS Ultimate are another way to expand your game library without spending money.

Other free options for PC gamers are fan games and open source games. Fan games represent some of the coolest options out there as you’ll find everything from Super Mario and Super Smash Bros. fan-made content to fantastically expansive games using the MUGEN fighting game engine and OpenBOR beat-em-up engine. There are hundreds if not thousands of these games that are out there. My favorites are ZVitor’s Marvel Infinity War and Justice League Legacy, Final Fight LNS Ultimate, Super Smash Bros. Crusade, and Streets of Rage Remake. Some really cool Freeware games that may be worth your time include Project Reality (a standalone tactical conversion of Battlefield 2), Soldat, and The Dark Mod.

Don’t forget that there are many free-to-play options on consoles. Warframe, Path of Exile, Genshin Impact, Call of Duty: Warzone, Smite, and Paladins are all great choices you can play on your Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch. Mobile platforms also house an insane number of free-to-play titles as well. I’m always very grateful for all of the resources that are out there for gamers. And a huge thank you to all of those players that put money in Fortnite because the financial success of that game is what I believe has allowed Epic Games to be so benevolent with weekly freebies. I’m thankful that companies even give away free games at all because none of them are obligated to do so. This isn’t even counting the plethora of free-to-play games on virtually every gaming platform. While most of them are layered of microtransactions, it still is a choice to spend money within any game. It’s really a great time to be a gamer because you have so many options. Being able to have a full library of games without spending a penny is one of them.


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