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Early Access Titles I’ve Been Proud to Support

Being a PC gamer allows me to check out many games that are nowhere near ready for a full release. These games are known as “Early Access” games. By purchasing such a game, you become an investor in a project still in development, but… Continue Reading “Early Access Titles I’ve Been Proud to Support”

A Simple Rule: Don’t Like It, Don’t Buy It

When it comes to the relationships between the seller and the consumer, we too many times often forget that as consumers, we have a great deal more power than we would actually consider. How many times do we see consumers repeatedly voicing their complaints… Continue Reading “A Simple Rule: Don’t Like It, Don’t Buy It”

What You’re Getting Into With ‘Early Access’

It seems like we are so far removed from the era of video games being released as complete packages in themselves. I can remember growing up during an age of gaming when there was no such thing as Downloadable Content (DLC), patches, betas, alphas… Continue Reading “What You’re Getting Into With ‘Early Access’”