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IN THE NEWS: Could Competition Revive Sports Gaming?

Sports gaming has lacked real competition for a long time and it is believed by many sports gamers that the quality of games has suffered as a result. Sure, companies such as Electronic Arts and Take-Two Interactive (parent company of 2K) are making bigger… Continue Reading “IN THE NEWS: Could Competition Revive Sports Gaming?”

TVGA YouTube: How Well Did My Super Bowl Match the Real Thing?

So, Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did it. Congratulations to the Bucs in their Super Bowl victory over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday as Tampa now has its second franchise championship. Six days before Sunday’s game, I uploaded my playthrough of… Continue Reading “TVGA YouTube: How Well Did My Super Bowl Match the Real Thing?”

TVGA YouTube: NFL 2K5 Featuring Four Hall of Fame Receivers

Using gr1014’s 1998 rosters for ESPN NFL 2K5, I decided to match the Minnesota Vikings (me) against the San Francisco 49ers (CPU) from that year on “Legendary” difficulty. The contest features four Hall of Fame receivers with Jerry Rice and Terrell Owens for the… Continue Reading “TVGA YouTube: NFL 2K5 Featuring Four Hall of Fame Receivers”


When I first started playing the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) as a child, it seemed as if the best sports games were based on baseball. Sure there was Double Dribble for basketball and Ice Hockey was not a bad game for its time. But… Continue Reading “MY FIRST TIME: Tecmo Bowl”

Gaming and Politics?

Is there an entertainment platform that a person can go where they can escape the constant barrage of media messages in regards to the upcoming United States presidential election? Or does such a platform exist where the people don’t have to be forced to… Continue Reading “Gaming and Politics?”