Gaming is for the Young and Old

I had to share this video. This 93-year-old Japanese man named Ryuji Urabe is probably the oldest video gamer that I’ve heard of or seen. He is a former taxi driver, which probably explains why he has more interest in racing games than anything else. Kudos to his grandson for getting his grandfather set up for some post-retirement gaming. What’s even better is that Urabe even races online against other players. I think this story is really cool. Continue Reading

IN THE NEWS: Latest Halo MCC Update Includes Mod Tools

Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s Season 7 update provides mod tools to the community.

It’s been a long time coming, but I know that Halo PC fans are rejoicing. Mods for Halo: The Master Chief Collection have existed from the start. But this was despite having no official mod support to work with. This makes it all the more impressive with what the modding community has been able to accomplish for the Halo games in the collection. One of my favorites has been a collection of sandbox-style mods from Seraphicy on Nexus Mods. And there are a host of other great mods on the Halo MCC Nexus Mods page that add a great deal to the games. Continue Reading

Why I Use My PS4 Controller For PC Gaming

The official PS4 controller is my gaming remote of choice for PC gaming.

The Super Nintendo controller is my favorite controller of all time when it comes to gaming. I loved the feel of it and how responsive it was from games such as Super Mario World and Street Fighter II Turbo to NBA Jam and Killer Instinct. It was an excellent controller. But I believe that from the time the original PlayStation was released in the 1990s, their controllers have always been the most conducive to current gaming. Continue Reading

Trying my Hand At Visual Novels

STEINS;GATE is one of the best visual novels that you will find in the genre.

Visual novels are not as uncommon as one may think. There are many role-playing games such as the Persona series and Sakura Wars that implement aspects of the genre into the development of the story and characters. But games that are purely visual novels fall into a niche category as the major focus is the story. Playing a visual novel game means doing a lot of reading with some possible choices to affect the ultimate outcomes along the way. This is not a genre that is based in action. Probably the best way to describe visual novels is to say it is the equivalent of reading an interactive book that also happens to be a video game. It’s a more visually appealing, interactive manga. I do believe you should enjoy reading to some extent to get into this gaming genre. Continue Reading

IN THE NEWS: Microsoft is Coming Out Swingin’

Credit: Microsoft
The recent E3 event showed big things coming up for Xbox.

Microsoft is ready to battle. If there is one thing I took from an otherwise underwhelming Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) this year, it was that Microsoft showed its commitment to draw more gamers to its platforms. Especially with the acquisition of Bethesda and other gaming developers over the past few years, Xbox rolled out its biggest exclusive lineup of games in the brand’s history this past week. I for one am playing very close attention. Continue Reading