ESPN NFL 2K5 Resurrected Mod 1.5 Update Download

The latest update to the ESPN NFL 2K5 Resurrected mod brings with it a significant amount of upgrades and changes. These include the addition of alternate uniforms for the Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, Cincinnati Bengals, and Los Angeles Rams. New accessories such as updated player gloves are noticeable and great additions to the visuals. The CBS, FOX, and NBC logos can now replace the ESPN logo in the score bug to give the look of a different broadcast using included batch files. NFL coaches have been updated with Rich Bisaccia replacing Jon Gruden. The Jacksonville Jaguars uniforms and stadium have also been improved. Kudos to the ESPN NFL 2K5 Resurrected mod team for their excellent work in modernizing an older game as much as possible. Continue Reading

Tales of Arise was the Best Game I Played in 2021

Shionne and the rest of the Tales of Arise cast brought together a compelling story that made it my 2021 Game of the Year.

You never know what can happen over the course of a year. When I played Hitman 3 last spring, I strongly believed I was possibly experiencing the best game of 2021 at that point. I had never played a Hitman game before so I was completely blown away when I witnessed its depth, fantastic set pieces, and variety of ways it allowed the player to carry out the game’s assassination missions. It was my front runner for a couple of months until I got my hands on Scarlet Nexus. Being a science-fiction RPG with an anime art style, time-travel element, and a combat system that allowed you to utilize objects within the environment as part of your attacks, I was ready to replace Hitman 3 as my pick for 2021 Game of the Year. But then Tales of Arise arrived just months later and everything changed again. Continue Reading

Greatest Historical Teams Mod for Madden NFL 08 PC Download

The Greatest Historical Teams mod is a project that was released in 2015 and created by Guamyankee, mee, and NickyJ. This Madden NFL 08 PC modification adds in nearly 300 of the NFL’s greatest teams spanning multiple decades along with portraits, uniforms, and field art. We’re talking some truly great teams such as the 1978 Steelers, 1966 Packers, 1989 49ers, 1995 Cowboys, 2007 Patriots, 1985 Bears, and so many other teams along with thousands of historical players. If you miss the retro teams that the newer Madden games have left out and you own Madden NFL 08 on PC, then you definitely need to check this out. Continue Reading

R.I.P. John Madden – The Gaming Community Will Miss You

The longer you live, the inevitable part of life that you will become very acquainted with is the death of other people. We read and hear about the death of others in the news daily. But it starts to hit home when you see family members, friends, and other people you’ve known personally passing away. It is rough. My father died more than two years ago and I still feel the effects of it. I dream of him often and still think of him every day. It seems like death is hitting closer to home more and more these days. If it isn’t a family member or friend, then it is somebody connected to someone you know or maybe a person you never met in person that had some sort of impact on your life. As a person who grew up loving sports and video games, John Madden was the latter. For me, his death last week symbolized the end of an era. Continue Reading

New Year’s Gaming Resolution for 2022

Happy New Year everyone! After a much-needed break as we finished off 2021, I am back as we kick off 2022. I know it is late, but I also hope that you had a fantastic Christmas as well. It seems as if the previous year just zoomed by to the point where I felt like 2021 was just a few months long. With each passing year, it seems the journey from January to January is getting shorter. That’s why it is important to make the most of each day that we are given. All of the time we have in the present will soon be a part of the distant past. But enough of the philosophical banter as it is good to be back and I wanted to share some changes I’m implementing in 2022 along with my gaming resolution for this new year. Continue Reading