TVGA YouTube: Wrestlemania Preview?

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Using WWE 2K19, I decided to do the rumored main event of this year’s Wrestlemania between Roman Reigns and The Rock for Reign’s Universal Championship. I really enjoyed this match and believe it came out very well. The CPU controlled the Rock while I was Reigns. Who was the winner? Watch and find out. Thanks to JoeMashups for his Roman Reigns Clash of the Champions ’20 attire. Also a shout out to Simonwelf for his blue Universal Championshp that I downloaded from Community Creations.


I’m an ‘IN THE MOMENT’ Gamer and I Love It

After months of inactivity in the game, I recently decided to play Dead Cells on a whim.

In a previous post, New Year’s Gaming Resolutions, I indicated that I approach video games as a “free spirit.” Many times there isn’t a rhyme or reason to what I play and why I play it. If a game captures my attention and it is something I want to play, then that is what I am playing. In real life, I tend to be calculating but when it comes to gaming, I can be very spontaneous. It’s about what I feel at the moment and when it comes to gaming, my enjoyment is paramount. Gaming is a form of entertainment, which means it is something that is meant to bring gratification. If you aren’t experiencing some sort of elatedness while engaging in entertainment such as video games, movies, sports, anime, then what is the point? Continue Reading

TVGA YouTube: Streets of Rage 4 Gameplay w/ Cherry

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Seeing Streets of Rage finally get an updated game for 2020 was a sight for sore eyes for sure. Streets of Rage 4 delivered in so many ways for fans of the series that had been anticipating a new entry for more than two decades. This short sample of gameplay features Cherry, who is one of the new characters introduced in Streets of Rage 4.


Games Where the Music was the Star

The music in Final Fantasy III (VI in Japan) made the role-playing game an epic, unforgettable adventure.

Have you ever played a game where you don’t really remember what happened in the game as much as its memorable melodies? Over time, I’ve come to realize that there are very talented musicians that lend their abilities to the games that we play and enjoy. Music is such an important part of the gaming experience that helps to give the gamer an emotional investment in what he or she is playing as well as add vibrance to what is on the screen. Continue Reading