Verdun/Tannenburg Proves That WW1 FPS Can Deliver

Credit: M2H Game Studio
Verdun and Tannenburg are my two favorite first-person shooters based on World War I.

There has been an overload of shooters made based on World War II throughout video game history. Warfare in the modern/present era also receives plenty of attention from gaming developers. The Vietnam War receives some virtual attention here and there. But games, particularly first-person shooters (FPS), based on World War I are severely underrepresented. I was surprised that EA DICE even developed Battlefield 1, an interesting change for a series that had been focusing on present warfare for years. The game was pretty well received too. But for me, the king of the WWI FPS is none other than the WWI Game Series featuring Verdun and Tannenburg. Continue Reading

TVGA YouTube: Darkest Dungeon Gameplay

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On the TVGA YouTube Channel, I strive to highlight some of the more interesting games that I come across and Darkest Dungeon definitely fits the description of “interesting.” This video features about 15 minutes of gameplay that shows how the battle system works and also how the characters move about within the game world. The game is described as a “gothic, roguelike RPG” that is based on the premise of putting together and directing a “team of flawed heroes against unimaginable horrors.”


Game Pass on PC Finally Feels Complete

Credit: Microsoft
At long last, EA Play is now a part of Xbox Game Pass on PC.

The last couple of weeks have been fantastic if you are a subscriber to Xbox Game Pass on PC. First, you had the Microsoft acquisition of ZeniMax Media becoming official which led to an assortment of Bethesda Software games being uploaded to the Game Pass client. Then last Thursday, EA Play finally became available to Game Pass on PC patrons. As a result, more than approximately 80 new games are now a part of Microsoft’s gaming subscription platform. Continue Reading

Weekly News Wrap-Up: March 20th Edition

Credit: Sony
There’s more free games coming to Playstation owners as part of the ‘Play At Home’ initiative.

Spring is finally here. The weather has finally been warmer the past few days with temperatures in the 70-degree range. Before then, the winter had made one final push with lows in the upper-30s. But thank goodness that it looks as if it is being phased out until later this year. In the gaming world, it was a week of some nice announcements that I will be including in this week’s wrap-up, as well as an interesting story involving Activision Blizzard. Let’s get to it. Continue Reading

TVGA YouTube: Those Sneaky Bots

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In my ongoing struggle against the Call of Duty bots, sometimes you win some and sometimes you lose some. The bots decided to up their game in this team deathmatch round from Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and there was little I could do to impede their determination to be victorious on this occasion. Check out the video to see how they pulled it off. Dang bots.