The Time of Year For the Biggest Releases

Credit: Electronic Arts
Battlefield 2042 is one of the most anticipated release for the final quarter of 2021.

As we enter into the fall season, I’m reminded about how I have historically spent the most money towards gaming between September and January of each year. The publishers typically release some of the best games of the year during this stretch. And there are always a few that capture my attention. Couple that with Black Friday and winter sales and now I have more incentive to spend some cash. Back when I was buying sports and wrestling games each year, that would mean purchasing the latest Madden NFL, NBA 2K, and WWE 2K games. This time of year has always possessed the capability of being very costly. Continue Reading

IN THE NEWS: Nintendo Direct Thoughts

Just weeks after the excellent PlayStation Showcase, it was finally time for Nintendo to provide its own display of upcoming games, downloadable content, and other expansions on Thursday through its Nintendo Direct. If you have not seen it, feel free to click on the video above. As an owner of a Nintendo Switch, I’m always looking to see if there is a game of interest on the horizon. Earlier this month, I bought Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle, which is a very engaging card battle game that also has an anime attached to it. I sometimes find it difficult to find titles to purchase on the platform because usually the superior version of a game is on PC or PS4, and there haven’t been many unique Switch exclusives to consider lately. Continue Reading

When Mortal Kombat Came Home

Just like Street Fighter II before it, Mortal Kombat’s debut on home consoles was a big deal in 1993.

Can you believe that the release of the first Mortal Kombat for home consoles took place in September 1993? That was also 28 years ago. The early 90s was an interesting era for video games as popular arcade games were being released on home consoles. Because popular systems such as Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo had emerged into the 16-bit arena, the hardware had become strong enough to adapt arcade games. No, the graphics and sound were not as good as the arcade yet but I believe that these home releases were beginning to signal the end of the arcades as we had known it throughout the 1980s. Mortal Kombat coming to home systems was a significant event in gaming history. Continue Reading

“Repetitive” Means Different Things to Different Gamers

In games such as Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, there can be a lot of repetition in combat.

Having played video games for as long as I have, there is no doubt that I encounter the sentiment that “I’ve done this before.” I’ve gone through many turn-based battles, battled on a ton of multiplayer maps, traversed many dungeons, explored open worlds, taken on a smorgasbord of main and side quests, fought through a wide array of arcade modes, beaten a whole bunch of levels, built up my deck collection of cards, and played just about every type of sports game you could imagine. When it comes to gaming, there isn’t much I haven’t seen. That is why when I read reviews and impressions that refer to a game as being “repetitive,” I’m always looking for clarification as to the word’s intended meaning within the particular content that it is mentioned. For me, video games in general feature a significant amount of repetition. And repetition isn’t always a bad thing. Continue Reading

IN THE NEWS: PlayStation Showcase Thoughts

Greetings everyone. I’m about a week and a few days late, but I did want to acknowledge the PlayStation Showcase that took place on September 9 and some of the big news that came out of that event. Overall, I felt that this was a very effective showing for PlayStation. The nearly 45-minute video that you can view above shows off some heavy-hitting titles that cover a decent range of genres. So regardless of the type of gamer that you are, there was likely something within the PlayStation Showcase that would have caught your attention. And if you’ve been on the fence like I have with moving on to a PS5 or Xbox Series X/S, the PlayStation exclusives may factor in your decision. Continue Reading