IN THE NEWS: Companies Better Start Investing in Cyber Security

Capture Credit: Electronic Arts
EA was the recent victim of a growing number of cyber attacks against big gaming companies.

When I was taking some courses within a graduate program for organizational psychology a few years ago, cybersecurity was constantly pointed out as one of the most vital departments for a company. Cybersecurity is something that is vitally important to making sure organizations retain their data and that it isn’t leaked to the highest bidder. Yet so many companies put very little emphasis on cybersecurity and the result ends up the hackers being able to have a field day at their expense. And it will become more costly as time goes on. Continue Reading

Have I Become ‘That’ Type of Gamer?

Chrono Trigger is my all-time favorite video game even in 2021.

Throughout my life, I had always heard members of the previous generation talk about how much better things were during their heyday. Hearing them talk about the past would sometimes make me feel as if what I was experiencing in the present couldn’t even hold a candle to the world that they knew. As a result of how their words had made me feel, I’ve always tried to resist developing that same mindset as time began to pass in my life. But as I am now within the middle age bracket of life expectancy, I find myself fighting it harder than ever before. Continue Reading

My Favorite Visual Novel is Getting a Sequel

Capture Credit: Spike Chunsoft
AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative was announced for a 2022 release last week.

Last Wednesday evening, I was minding my own business searching the internet for the latest gaming news. Suddenly, I was hit with the news of AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative being released on the Nintendo Switch. Because I had spent the day editing upcoming videos and my brain was fried, my first reaction was, “Oh that’s great that the Nintendo Switch is getting an enhanced version of AI: The Somnium Files.” But as I examined the article closer and saw that the protagonist was female, I realized that something was afoot. This was not the original AI: The Somnium Files that was being promoted. Spike Chunsoft is at it again. My favorite visual novel game is getting a sequel. Continue Reading

IN THE NEWS: PS PLUS Keeps the Hits Coming

Credit: PlayStation
The monthly giveaways for PlayStation Plus subscribers is the best in console gaming.

I had a chance to glance at the list of upcoming free games for subscribers of PlayStation Plus and Xbox’s Games With Gold. Once again, PS Plus blew away the competition with A Plague Tale: Innocence for PS5 owners, as well as Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Virtual Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown, and WWE Battlegrounds for PS4 players. This lineup was in comparison to Games With Gold, which featured Planet Alpha, Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break, Conker: Live & Reloaded, and Midway Arcade Origins. Nintendo provides free access to original NES and Super Nintendo titles through its Nintendo Online service, but the company has not added any significant games for a while. PS Plus continues to be the standard when it comes to value in this type of subscription service. Continue Reading

What an Amazing Stretch of Free Games

Epic Games Store’s free giveaway of Control in June was one of the best games yet.

I have never seen anything like what I’ve experienced the last year and a half in gaming. Specifically, I’m pointing the insane amount of free games that I’ve acquired by tapping into the available resources that are available for any gamer. There is a substantial amount of links to those resources on this site if you access the “FREE GAMES” section in the main menu above. But I’m still in shock that since late 2019, I have acquired probably around 300 games for the fabulous price of FREE. Continue Reading