Battlefield 2 Nations At War Standalone Mod Download

If you download and install the free Battlefield 2 standalone mod known as Nations At War, you will gain access to hundreds of maps and a gameplay experience like you’ve never experienced in Battlefield 2. You do need your CD key from Battlefield 2 to play the mod. There are maps included in Nations At War that include the ability to not only fight against Xenomorphs and raptors but also give you the ability to play as them. In this video, I went both alien and raptor hunting. There are other cool things to discover in the Nations At War mod so be sure to check it out. Props to the mod team for their excellent work on what I believe is one of Battlefield 2’s best mods. Continue Reading

Early Access Titles I’ve Been Proud to Support

Being a PC gamer allows me to check out many games that are nowhere near ready for a full release. These games are known as “Early Access” games. By purchasing such a game, you become an investor in a project still in development, but get to play what is readily available. One of the cool things about Early Access is that the game is offered at a lower price because you are making a good-faith investment. Sometimes Early Access projects will make it to the big 1.0 version. Other times, they may be abandoned due to a variety of reasons. I did a post back in 2020 that presents some things to think about if you decide to buy an Early Access title. For this post, I want to share some of the good experiences that I’ve had investing in these types of games. Continue Reading

Enderal: Forgotten Stories Mod Download

If you own a legal copy of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim or The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, there is an outstanding total conversion mod named Enderal: Forgotten Stories Special Edition that you need to play. Developed and published by SureAI, Enderal is a free full game for owners of Skyrim with new characters, a new story, and a new world. I finally got around to playing Enderal last month and was very impressed with what I played and experienced. You will feel right at home with the gameplay if you’ve spent a considerable amount of time with Skyrim. The game also has a psychological element to it that you will see play out very creatively in the beginning and throughout the game. The voicework is superb. SureAI truly outdid themselves with this one. Enderal: Forgotten Stories just may be one of the greatest video game mods ever created. Continue Reading

I’m More Likely to Buy a Steam Deck Than a PS5 or Xbox Series X in 2022

Credit: Valve
If I were to buy a new video game system, it would hands down be the Steam Deck.

When it comes to purchasing a new video game system, I feel like I’m not the best person to be in the market for one. As a PC gamer, I get a lot out of my hardware and games. Many of the games that I enjoy are released on PC. When I want a break from PC, I have a Nintendo Switch, Nintendo WiiU, PlayStation 4 Pro, and an Xbox 360 that can provide further gaming experiences. The games that I tend to focus on with the other systems are many times exclusive to the platform such as Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Switch), Ghost of Tsushima (PS4), and the first Crackdown (Xbox 360). Many of Xbox’s exclusives are also available on PC so that’s how I keep up with the Microsoft exclusive brands such as Halo, Forza Horizon, Gears of War, Ori, State of Decay, and Sunset Overdrive. Continue Reading

Fire Pro Wrestling World CAW/Mod Showcase #4 Downloads

The latest Fire Pro Wrestling World CAW/Mod Showcase takes arguably the two most important matches from tomorrow’s AEW Revolution pay-per-view in CM Punk against MJF and the AEW World Title match between champion Hangman Page and Adam Cole. Fire Pro provides no option for a Dog Collar Match so I chose to go with a barbed wire match with some weapons instead. In the two matches featured in the video, I control CM Punk and Adam Page, respectively. Props to TheAvenger3 for his awesome wrestler creations. Below are links to the four created wrestlers used in the video. As always, you can subscribe to these wrestlers on Steam Workshop if you own the PC version of Fire Pro Wrestling World. Continue Reading