Fire Pro Wrestling World CAW/Mod Showcase #5 Downloads

As one of my favorite forms of entertainment, I have a huge appreciation for pro wrestling. That being said, I really appreciate its history as well. With the insane amount of wrestlers that can be found on the Steam Workshop for Fire Pro Wrestling World, I wasted no time downloading a lot of classic wrestlers when I first got the game a few years ago. The idea of going back to the 1950s came from watching old clips on YouTube of the above matches. Using Fire Pro Wrestling World and harnassing the power of video editing software, I decided to create my interpretation of a 1950’s style wrestling showcase featuring wrestling greats such as Gorgeous George, Lou Thesz, Bobo Brazil, Rikidozan, Verne Gagne, and Ilio Dipaolo.

By the way, very sad news about the death of wrestling legend Scott Hall, also known as Razor Ramon, a couple of days ago. I pray for comfort and healing for his family and friends as they grieve. As a longtime wrestling fan, I had the opportunity to see Hall in AWA, WWF, his multiple WCW runs, and in WWE. His ability in the ring and on the mic was something special. Seeing him grow from being an AWA tag champ with Curt Hennig to changing the landscape of the wrestling business as the original member of the nWo was such a pleasure to watch over the years. I saw him wrestle live at both Halloween Havoc 1997 and 1998 in Las Vegas with some college buddies and other friends. He portrayed his characters with such style and coolness. He was one of the best wrestlers I’ve ever seen and not having a WCW or WWF championship will ever change that. RIP

-LandoRigs (TVGA)

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