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Marvel Ultimate Alliance Mods: Black Cat, Mary Jane & Silver Sable Downloads

There are so many mods to sample on MarvelMods.com created by very talented modders who have a passion for keeping the original Marvel Ultimate Alliance alive with new gameplay experiences. With the recent success of the latest Spider-Man film, I thought it would be fun to… Continue Reading “Marvel Ultimate Alliance Mods: Black Cat, Mary Jane & Silver Sable Downloads”

IN THE NEWS: PlayStation Finally Catches Nintendo

I have been thinking recently of how Sony is doing a tremendous job with the current direction of its PlayStation brand. Even without any real data, I could tell that the PlayStation 5 is gaming’s hottest new video game system with a gaming lineup… Continue Reading “IN THE NEWS: PlayStation Finally Catches Nintendo”

IN THE NEWS: Square Enix Botches Marvel’s Avengers

It’s official. Square Enix has officially confessed that Marvel’s Avengers has underperformed for the company, according to a recent article on Gamespot.com. Having the red-hot Marvel license attached to it, the game should have been a massive success for Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix.… Continue Reading “IN THE NEWS: Square Enix Botches Marvel’s Avengers”

A Post of Gratitude

Recently, I’ve come to realize that, as gamers, we can spend so much time critiquing and criticizing games, systems, and products within the gaming industry that we lose sight of the things that we do like about it. I do believe that we all… Continue Reading “A Post of Gratitude”

My 2020 GOTY Early Candidates

It’s hard to believe just how fast this year has flown by. This is the last week of October, meaning there are just over two months left before we finish out 2020. It’s been an interesting and unprecedented year for gaming with COVID-19 in… Continue Reading “My 2020 GOTY Early Candidates”