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I’m Back and Ready to Go

It’s good to be back. But it was also good to spend the last month relaxing and not having to ponder what the next post would be or what needed to be uploaded. I’m so thankful to be in the place where I have… Continue Reading “I’m Back and Ready to Go”

Ultimate Base Roster is my Favorite Mod Ever

When it comes to professional sports, the National Basketball Association (NBA) has been my preferred organization throughout the course of my life. I loved the NBA so much growing up that any time I was in the library, I would always search out books… Continue Reading “Ultimate Base Roster is my Favorite Mod Ever”

The Video Gamer’s Advocate on YouTube

Big thanks to all of you who have been following and regularly visiting the site. I’m stoked to announce the launch of The Video Gamer’s Advocate YouTube Channel. Over time, it will evolve into a platform featuring a variety of content. But in the… Continue Reading “The Video Gamer’s Advocate on YouTube”