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Patience and Perseverance are the Key to Modding

I love mods. The whole idea of taking a game and altering it into something that provides a new and fresh experience is really cool. It never gets old. Being able to see a mod come to life and actually play it is one… Continue Reading “Patience and Perseverance are the Key to Modding”

TVGA YouTube: Battlefield 2 RECBZ mod

The latest upload on The Video Gamer’s Advocate YouTube channel features a bit over 10 minutes of gameplay from Battlefield 2, namely the RECBZ Mod by Zhuge Yenfung. This mod is fantastic fun because of its fast pace and colossal over-the-top action. You will… Continue Reading “TVGA YouTube: Battlefield 2 RECBZ mod”

My 2020 GOTY Early Candidates

It’s hard to believe just how fast this year has flown by. This is the last week of October, meaning there are just over two months left before we finish out 2020. It’s been an interesting and unprecedented year for gaming with COVID-19 in… Continue Reading “My 2020 GOTY Early Candidates”

My Go-To Games in a Time Crunch

Here’s the scenario. You’ve just eaten breakfast and now you have 15-20 minutes of free time before you have to leave to go to school/work. Mulling over your options, you decide that you want to get in a quick game of something before you… Continue Reading “My Go-To Games in a Time Crunch”