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IN THE NEWS: The Best Sports Mod Ever Created is Back

Yes! Yes! Yes! After a hiatus, the best sports mod in PC gaming is back as HAWK23 made his return online and re-uploaded his fantastic Ultimate Base Roster (UBR) mod for NBA 2K14. It was unfortunate that I had to point several people towards… Continue Reading “IN THE NEWS: The Best Sports Mod Ever Created is Back”

The Video Game Sports Spectacular!

It wasn’t just the competition of sports that captured my imagination as a youth. The whole presentation was something I found intriguing from the announcers and the camera shots to the theme music and the score graphics. Just like WWF wrestling, I found television… Continue Reading “The Video Game Sports Spectacular!”

Ultimate Base Roster is my Favorite Mod Ever

When it comes to professional sports, the National Basketball Association (NBA) has been my preferred organization throughout the course of my life. I loved the NBA so much growing up that any time I was in the library, I would always search out books… Continue Reading “Ultimate Base Roster is my Favorite Mod Ever”