The Video Game Sports Spectacular!

It wasn’t just the competition of sports that captured my imagination as a youth. The whole presentation was something I found intriguing from the announcers and the camera shots to the theme music and the score graphics. Just like WWF wrestling, I found television sports to be extremely fascinating in how the different production tools could bring a sports competition to life.

ABC Wide World of Sports was a program that was interesting because of the different sporting events that it would cover that wouldn’t normally be featured within a regular sports broadcast. It had a run of nearly 37 years from 1961 through 1998. Wide World of Sports was definitely an inspiration for the above video. Also, I used the concept that NFL Redzone uses where they jump around to different games rather than just staying on one the whole way through. I’m really happy with the way the video came out and would love to know your thoughts on it as well. This is something I want to do every month or every two months.

I’ve recently added more sports games to my library to provide a good variety going forward. Right now, my gaming collection can support pro and college basketball, pro and college football, pro and college baseball, pro hockey, soccer, racing, skateboarding, golf, tennis, mixed martial arts, boxing, and so much more. So definitely expect more editions of The Video Games Sports Spectacular going forward. I had a lot of fun putting this episode together, particularly the package leading into Little Mac’s championship bout against Piston Honda from Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!. You will also see the 2017 Golden State Warriors against the 1996 Chicago Bulls from NBA 2K20 using Thunder Shaq’s Ultimate Retro Rosters, F1 Racing from F1 2018, and a home run derby courtesy of MLB: The Show 20.

Enjoy and let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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