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Greatest Historical Teams Mod for Madden NFL 08 PC Download

The Greatest Historical Teams mod is a project that was released in 2015 and created by Guamyankee, mee, and NickyJ. This Madden NFL 08 PC modification adds in nearly 300 of the NFL’s greatest teams spanning multiple decades along with portraits, uniforms, and field… Continue Reading “Greatest Historical Teams Mod for Madden NFL 08 PC Download”

R.I.P. John Madden – The Gaming Community Will Miss You

The longer you live, the inevitable part of life that you will become very acquainted with is the death of other people. We read and hear about the death of others in the news daily. But it starts to hit home when you see… Continue Reading “R.I.P. John Madden – The Gaming Community Will Miss You”

Negative Madden Football Reputation is Well Earned

The above user scores of Metacritic captured on Friday evening represent a week that has been a public relations nightmare for Electronic Arts (EA). With the release of Madden NFL 21, the latest entry in the company’s biggest annual franchise, the amount of negative… Continue Reading “Negative Madden Football Reputation is Well Earned”