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Negative Madden Football Reputation is Well Earned

The above user scores of Metacritic captured on Friday evening represent a week that has been a public relations nightmare for Electronic Arts (EA). With the release of Madden NFL 21, the latest entry in the company’s biggest annual franchise, the amount of negative… Continue Reading “Negative Madden Football Reputation is Well Earned”

The Best Doc on EA That You Will See

Wow. That is the first word that came to mind after watching the nearly one hour documentary by Youtuber “SOFTDRINKTV” on “The Fall of EA Sports.” If you are familiar with Madden football video games or with EA Sports in general, this is a… Continue Reading “The Best Doc on EA That You Will See”

Something I Had To Share With Madden Fans

Happy weekend to everyone. I actually was not going to post anything until next week but one of the YouTube content creators that I follow named RyanMoody21 posted a video today that I had to do a post about. RyanMoody21’s channel is what I… Continue Reading “Something I Had To Share With Madden Fans”