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Will I Finish Fire Emblem: Three Houses This Year?

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is one of the best games of the past few years and, for me, one of the greatest that I’ve ever played. I’ve accumulated more than 60 hours so far and I don’t even think I’ve reached the halfway point.… Continue Reading “Will I Finish Fire Emblem: Three Houses This Year?”

Dynasty Warriors Formula Provides Big-Time Action

I had long been curious about the Dynasty Warriors series. In the past, I never gave the games much thought because my interest was always in other games. My gaming past typically consisted of focusing on just a few genres that brought me consistent… Continue Reading “Dynasty Warriors Formula Provides Big-Time Action”

Couldn’t Wait, I Bought Persona 5 Strikers

No, I haven’t passed Persona 5 Royal yet. That is still in the works and will be for a while. Finishing the game before moving on to Persona 5 Strikers was truly my intention, as I had pointed out in a post earlier this… Continue Reading “Couldn’t Wait, I Bought Persona 5 Strikers”

Uh Oh! I Need to Get a Move on Persona 5 Royal…or Not

We are getting closer and closer to the American release date of the only game that is being referred to in any way as the sequel to the award-winning Persona 5 game…Persona 5 Strikers. Time is moving so fast and it is hard to… Continue Reading “Uh Oh! I Need to Get a Move on Persona 5 Royal…or Not”