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Mass Effect 3 Reminds Me of How Great Gaming Can Be

If anyone were to ask what my favorite science fiction game series was that took place in outer space, I would answer “Mass Effect” without hesitation. This is not to discount other great space-related games such as the Halo series, Outer Wilds, Stellaris, Elite Dangerous, and No Man’s Sky. There… Continue Reading “Mass Effect 3 Reminds Me of How Great Gaming Can Be”

Couldn’t Wait, I Bought Persona 5 Strikers

No, I haven’t passed Persona 5 Royal yet. That is still in the works and will be for a while. Finishing the game before moving on to Persona 5 Strikers was truly my intention, as I had pointed out in a post earlier this… Continue Reading “Couldn’t Wait, I Bought Persona 5 Strikers”