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My Top Five All-Time Nintendo Exclusives

Nintendo is one of the oldest current gaming companies in existence and certainly is the eldest when it comes to console gaming. Many of my greatest gaming memories of my youth were on Nintendo-based platforms such as the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and the… Continue Reading “My Top Five All-Time Nintendo Exclusives”

Music That Draws You in Before ‘PRESS START’

Music is one of the vital organs of video gaming. I often feel that because it isn’t something that we see in the forefront of a game, it is often forgotten or undermined the same way we as human beings forget how important our… Continue Reading “Music That Draws You in Before ‘PRESS START’”

MY FIRST TIME: Donkey Kong Country

There are some games that literally make you expand your mind as to what is possible in video gaming. Seeing the original Mortal Kombat with its digitized characters that featured motion capturing from real actors was mind-blowing in 1992. On the Super Nintendo Entertainment… Continue Reading “MY FIRST TIME: Donkey Kong Country”