Welcome to the Video Gaming Portal

The pull down menus at the top of the page link to a variety of gaming resources.

Hello and welcome to the site where you will find a wealth of video gaming information and resources that are just clicks away. What this website represents is my knowledge and experience I’ve gained from more than 35 years of gaming. From the old school arcades and the Atari 2600 to the PC and the Nintendo Switch I play on today, I have enjoyed gaming ever since I first experienced it in the early 1980s. This love continues to endure to this day.

In a nutshell, this site a portal for gamers where you can access links to anything from news and reviews to free games and game mods. I have combed the internet for websites that I feel are top quality, as well as ones that I personally use and have experience with. Links to those sites are what I am sharing with you here. That is why there are sections devoted to getting the best gaming deals, links where you can listen to video game music, places where you can find some great cheats and mods, a list of my preferred YouTube video game content creators and much more. The blog posts will consist of topics that are on my mind to discuss involving gaming. On the right side of the page will be features such as the IGN.com and PC Gamer RSS news feeds, a section to support indie gaming, a featured YouTube video and a spotlighted mod. Also, be aware that there are also links at the bottom of the page for you to check out as well.

There will be more content added as time passes but I hope that what you already see here is enough to get you started. Feel free to bookmark the page if you find it of use to you and pass this site on to other gamers you encounter. The more that we share with each other in the gaming community, the stronger it is. Check out the ABOUT page to learn a bit about my background and why I created this website.

Please remember and consider that in no way does The Video Gamer’s Advocate endorse or promote everything that you may find in these links. Please use care and discretion as you would on any medium or platform. Parents and other viewers, while I will keep my self-generated content at a family friendly level, I can not speak for or say the same for the other websites. Please keep this in mind as you navigate the links, especially with young children.

One more note. This site is best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer with at least a 1280×720 resolution for the best experience. Because of the amount of links on the site, there will be a lot of scrolling involved if you use a mobile device or a tablet. Just a heads up.

Utilize the resources on this site as much as you want and remember the most important rule of gaming: HAVE FUN.

-The Video Gamer’s Advocate (TVGA)

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