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Holy Moly! Chrono Cross Remaster is Official

For years, I have desired to see a Chrono Trigger remaster or remake on modern consoles. It is my favorite game of all time and is the finest work that Square Enix (then Squaresoft) ever released. Chrono Trigger is near and dear to my heart in… Continue Reading “Holy Moly! Chrono Cross Remaster is Official”

Games Where the Music was the Star

Have you ever played a game where you don’t really remember what happened in the game as much as its memorable melodies? Over time, I’ve come to realize that there are very talented musicians that lend their abilities to the games that we play… Continue Reading “Games Where the Music was the Star”

Thoughts on The Game Awards Show

The Game Awards is now history for 2020. Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us II was the star of the night, winning Game of the Year, as well as awards in the Best Game Direction, Best Narrative, Best Audio Design, Best Performance (Laura Bailey… Continue Reading “Thoughts on The Game Awards Show”