Fire Pro Wrestling World CAW/Mod Showcase #4 Downloads

The latest Fire Pro Wrestling World CAW/Mod Showcase takes arguably the two most important matches from tomorrow’s AEW Revolution pay-per-view in CM Punk against MJF and the AEW World Title match between champion Hangman Page and Adam Cole. Fire Pro provides no option for a Dog Collar Match so I chose to go with a barbed wire match with some weapons instead. In the two matches featured in the video, I control CM Punk and Adam Page, respectively. Props to TheAvenger3 for his awesome wrestler creations. Below are links to the four created wrestlers used in the video. As always, you can subscribe to these wrestlers on Steam Workshop if you own the PC version of Fire Pro Wrestling World.

Fire Pro Wrestling World has a very simple and easy way to add created wrestlers to your game. Simply log into Steam, and then click on “Subscribe” when clicking on any of the above links. The wrestlers will then be added to your game the next time it is launched. You can also search through thousands of wrestlers, moves, textures, and more on the game’s Steam Workshop.

-LandoRigs (TVGA)

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