Star Wars Battlefront Expanded Edition Mod Download

I used to own the original Star Wars Battlefront on PlayStation 2 back in the day, but coming across the outstanding Expanded Edition Mod made me repurchase the game on PC last month. Star Wars video games have been in abundance since I was a child, but very few of them were games that I would consider to be great. Even though Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was an amazing roleplaying game, it lacked the action that characterized the Star Wars films. In 2004, the release of Star Wars Battlefront changed all that and brought us an action-packed experience that was inspired by the gameplay of Battlefield 1942. This was the type of Star Wars game that I had long waited for. The first two Battlefronts became my favorite Star Wars titles of all time. While the first Battlefront is a terrific package in its default state, the Expanded Edition mod expands the map count to more than 70. The mod also includes new units, new game modes, and the ability to play cross-era battles (Empire vs Droids, Rebels vs Republic, etc.). 

Make sure to follow the directions that come with the mod. If you wish to play the latest 3.1 version of the mod, you will need to downgrade your copy of Battlefront to the 2.1 version. If you wish to keep your copy of Battlefront fully updated, then you will need to use the 2.6 version of the mod. I want to give some props to the mod creator “wsa30h” as he was extremely helpful when I had problems initially getting the mod to work. He was willing to help me troubleshoot for two days. If you need the version 1.2 downgrade for the GOG version of Battlefront, message him on ModDB.



-LandoRigs (TVGA)

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