WWF No Mercy AKI Evolution Mod Download

There have been a lot of great mods created for WWF No Mercy over the years that cover just about every era in pro wrestling history and many of the more popular wrestling promotions. The work that has gone into these mods is the result of the efforts of many people who deserve to be commended. Yet the AKI Evolution Mod is a highly ambitious project that seems to be on the verge of becoming the greatest No Mercy mod ever created if its potential is fully realized. The latest version contains around 40 wrestlers with an enormous amount of attires per character. This project has come a long way and I remember when there were less than 10 playable characters.

There have been significant tweaks to the gameplay that include movesets that evolve with the match. So your whole arsenal of moves will not be available from the beginning of the match. You will have to wear your opponent down before more moves become available to you. That’s only one of the new enhancements with this mod. More information on the mod is available at the AKI Evolution Twitter site. The download below includes everything you need to play the mod.


-LandoRigs (TVGA)

8 Comments on “WWF No Mercy AKI Evolution Mod Download

  1. Getting “attempt to open file failed” any solution?

    • Hey Stu. When is the “attempt to open file failed” happening? Is it when you are trying to unzip the mod file download or when you are starting up the game?

      • Actually I figured it out. Apparently I have to do file open and then choose the rom instead of double clicking the rom name. Great Job so far

      • I’m glad you were able to figure it out. I do want to emphasize that I did not create the mod, but am just bringing attention to it on my website. It’s a great start to what can become one of the best No Mercy mods available and I hope the creator continues to work on it.

  2. Hey – when I run, the textures are all mash up and looks very strange – any idea on how to sort it?

    • Hello there. Within Project64, click on the “Options” tab and select “Settings.” It should open up another window. What you’re looking for is “Directories,” which is under “Options” in the “Settings” window. Click on “Directories” and then look for “Texture Directory.” You don’t want it on the “$AppPath\textures” settings. Instead, click on the three dots and to open up the File Explorer window and navigate to the folder where you have your mod. Go inside the main folder and select “Textures.” Click “Apply” then “Okay.” Now load the “AKI Evolution.z64” rom.

  3. Hey I play on my Nvidia shield on mupen64plus. I unzipped the file to a folder but when I tried to add the texture packs to Mupen they fail. It just installed another version of the regular No Mercy game

    • Hi Kay. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I’ve never used the Mupen emulator before, only just Project64. I think the mods for No Mercy were created to run specifically in the Project64 emulator so that may be why you’re not having success on Mupen.

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