I’m Now Getting Amazon Prime’s Monthly Game Giveaways

As if I don’t get enough free games already, a friend of mine late last year signed up for a free Amazon Prime trial for six months and offered to allow me to claim all of the free PC game giveaways. Needless to say, I was more than happy to oblige this friend. So since November, I have claimed nearly 20 free games through Prime Gaming. And I must say, the game selection for the last three months has been good. Some of the highlights have included Dragon Age InquisitionControl Ultimate EditionRise of the Tomb RaiderNeed for Speed: Hot Pursuit RemasteredFrostpunkJourney to the Savage PlanetStar Wars: Jedi Fallen OrderTotal War: WarhammerTales of Monkey Island, and World War Z: Aftermath. I had many of these games on other platforms already, but what a solid selection of games Amazon Prime has been giving away. 

My friend’s Amazon Prime Trial goes through May and I will take advantage of as many of the free game giveaways as I can. It’s really cool that I was the person that came to mind when my friend found that free games were part of the Prime membership. A regular Amazon Prime membership costs north of $100. I will keep tabs on the quality of giveaways up until May to see if it is worth getting my own Amazon Prime membership. The next-day shipping, movie & TV library, and other perks it offers are tempting.

But then again, I’m likely to pass on it because I already have way too many games as it is. I am appreciative of my friend’s generosity though. If you are a PC gamer and someone close to you (family member, close friend) has Amazon Prime and is not taking advantage of the free games each month, it may not hurt to ask if you can clam them yourself. Some of the free games are linked directly to the Amazon account and others are provided with a redeem code that you use on another platform such as Origin or GOG. Free games are a terrible thing to waste.

This is a much shorter post today, but thank you for still taking the time to read it. This Prime Gaming deal certainly introduced a new way for me to obtain free games, even if it is only temporarily because of the 6-month free trial. Nevertheless, it is still completely free. And I can’t wait to see what March, April, and May have to offer.

-LandoRigs (TVGA)

P.S. – If you are interested in trying out Amazon Prime for free for 30 days, CLICK HERE. I would do so during a month that the game giveaways are ones that you’re interested in as you will be able to claim the games for free and even if you don’t continue with Prime beyond the trial, all of the games you claimed that particular month are yours to keep. If you are a student, you can sign up for a 6-month free trial of Amazon Prime by CLICKING HERE.


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