Star Wars Galactic Warfare Mod Download

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was such a landmark game. It was the first Call of Duty title that I played that got me invested in the series. I can still remember names like Soap MacTavish, Captain Price, and Nikolai. But it was when I played it on PC and saw all the mods available for it that I began to appreciate this game in a whole new way. What Black Monkeys has done by incorporating the Rebels vs The Empire into Call of Duty with the Star Wars Galactic Warfare Mod is what I believe is one of the greatest modding projects ever carried out. I’ve heard about it for years, as this is an older mod, but I did not finally play it until recently. And with the terrific PeZBOT. What an awesome mod!




Follow the directions within the instruction files as it will minimize the amount of issues you may have installing these mods. The SWGW PeZBOT All Maps Download will allow you to play the Star Wars mod on default and custom maps with the Pezbots.It can be difficult to find custom maps for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare but you can find hundreds of them HERE. All of the maps within the link can be played with the PeZBOT mod.

-LandoRigs (TVGA)

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