How to Best Shop for Video Games This Holiday Season

We are fast approaching the holiday season, which means that there will be plenty of sales and lots of gaming-related shopping. It took quite a while as a gamer before I learned to truly shop according to my preferences and not according to what was popular with other people or what was splashed all over television. And because I know what it is like to go through the disappointment of purchasing a game only to find out that it was nothing like what you had hoped for, I can empathize with gamers that have experienced the same. There is a certain way to go about video game shopping that will ultimately lead to satisfaction. The points that I share in this post can be beneficial with any type of shopping in general. The key is to make sure that you’re shopping in such a way that you are not only purchasing what you truly desire but also are giving yourself the best chance to be fulfilled by your purchase. So I’ve come up with some tips that you can use next time you are ready to buy.


Only you know who you are as a gamer. You know your likes and your dislikes. Are you adventurous and willing to try new games that take you out of your comfort zone? Or do you only stick with what you like at all costs? Maybe you are somewhere in the middle. Do you prefer sports games or would you rather immerse yourself in a lengthy RPG? Are you really into online multiplayer gaming or does a single-player experience sound more appealing? If you haven’t taken the time to think about these things, I would encourage you to do so. The reason being, that as a shopper, if you aren’t thinking for yourself, the advertisements and influence of others will instead do all the thinking for you. And the chances of you being happy with your purchase lower significantly. When you can stand firm in who you are and what you like, you are well on the road to making a fantastic purchase.


The sales industry thrives off people making impulsive choices versus making sound, reasonable decisions. This doesn’t mean you have to be stoic in how you shop and can’t have any excitement in the experience. It’s just that you want your brain to have just as much say in the matter as your emotions. Many people regret purchases that they’ve made because the transactions were not based on calculated decisions that had a good amount of thought behind it. Instead, the purchases were made solely on a temporary emotional whim. When you are not ruled by impulse as a consumer, you can maintain power and control as a shopper. This gives you the advantage. Your decisions will be more sound and beneficial to you. But to shop on pure impulse and emotion is to surrender that power while making you fully susceptible to the seller.


In this present time, information is readily available for just about any topic or subject you can imagine due to the internet. This also bodes true for video games or gaming products that you may be interested in. Visit YouTube and view some gameplay videos to see how your game of interest looks in action. Ask questions to the YouTuber in the comments section about the game. Read articles about the game whether they are previews, impressions, or reviews. Visit message boards or Reddit sites to see what other people are saying about the game. Even if you need to wait a while after the game is released to gather more information, do so. Use the internet to search out how you can find the game for the best price. Remember, this is a purchase you are making with your hard-earned money. So by doing the proper research, you will place yourself in the position of truly being the most prepared as a buyer.


Unfortunately, we live in a day when some games are not where they should be at launch. Whereas in the past, whatever you released was the final version of the game, patches have allowed companies to release unfinished games with the patches and updates being their “ace in the hole.” As a result, some of these games are a mess in the beginning. My advice, particularly with games that have an online focus, is to wait at least a couple of months after launch to see how the servers are running and the state the game is in before making a purchase. It is true you can lose out on bonuses or perks by not pre-ordering a game. But the headaches you will avoid by purchasing the game when it has proven itself to be in a more proper state is more than worth it. Consider how much more playable Cyberpunk 2077 is today compared to its launch in late 2020. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy Definitive Edition was recently released and has received a significant amount of backlash from gamers due to all of its bugs. Patience is a virtue that can pay off even in gaming. And the longer you wait for a game, the more likely it is your product of interest may drop in price or there may be a sale. Furthermore, a definitive version of the game will likely come out with all the downloadable content included for the same price or cheaper than what the original standard version sold for on Day One.


There are many fellow gamers in our gaming community that live in a state of perpetual disappointment and frustration because they keep making the same mistake of buying games they shouldn’t. If a company has shown a history of putting out a product that you believe is not adequate, you should not keep supporting that company by continually purchasing its products. In essence, what you are telling that company is that you endorse what it is doing by continually putting your money into its products. The companies will never understand that you are sitting at home stewing in anger. So if a company does not provide the quality product you are looking for, remove your money from that company until it shows that it will put out a product that is up to your expectations. Take your money elsewhere and support the companies that are creating great games. I’m sure a lot of indie game developers and publishers would be glad to have your business. Be willing to consider alternatives such as indie games or retro games. And consider the possibility that the best decision could be to just hold on to your money until you see something worth investing in.


Thanks for reading this post. These are some tips that serve me well and I wanted to share them with you because our goal as consumers should always be our satisfaction. This is especially timely as we approach Black Friday and the upcoming winter sales. Spend your money wisely and make purchases that yield happy results.



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