Building Towards Something Better

With it being a slower gaming news week, I thought it would be a great opportunity to give an update on the progress with the TVGA website and also the TVGA YouTube Channel. If you have followed this blog throughout the year, you’ll remember that I took a month off in August. That choice had ramifications both for the blog and YouTube channel, but it was a choice that I do not regret. My weekly viewership for this blog took a significant hit due to the lack of content. But I am thankful that I’ve still been able to maintain my followers (89). Even now in October, I have not been able to get back to the amount of views that I had in July. Yet YouTube has been an entirely different story. 

Although I uploaded no videos in August, my YouTube views increased as viewers were watching videos that I had uploaded in the months prior. Shockingly, the video that attracted the most attention was a Triple Threat Match between Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, and Edge from Action Arcade Wrestling. Out of nowhere, it just started getting hundreds of daily views. But it was in September that my channel really started gaining momentum. Since uploading a video on a mod for ESPN NFL 2K5 in early September, my subscribers have increased by more than five times. I entered September with under 100 subscribers and today have just over 550. As it stands today, the NFL 2K5 video is the most viewed video on my channel with more than 68,000 views. The next closest video is the Triple Threat Match mentioned earlier with just over 6,000 views. It is insane how one video can change everything. And for me, the NFL 2K5 video was that one spark for my channel.

This one video in September has changed everything for my YouTube channel.

But I don’t believe the video alone was what caused the growth. Over the past month, I’ve spent a lot of time analyzing what has allowed me to grow the channel. I believe the consistency of content since I started the channel in December has been key. Paying attention to what seemed to attract views versus what didn’t and then making adjustments has also been a factor. Implementing tutorials and videos with my voice has also been well received. Also, I’ve found other channels that I’ve enjoyed and made sure show to support by watching their videos, as well as commenting, liking, and subscribing to them. And people who have been kind enough to do the same for me, I’ve made every effort to respond to their comments. Supporting others and support from others is huge when it comes to social media. I’ve enjoyed every part of it, but I also believe the YouTube algorithm has as well.

So now that I’ve seen this growth on YouTube, how can I also experience more growth here on the blog? One idea that I will begin next month is creating more synergy between the blog and YouTube. That will mean an increased frequency of topics that I can both write about here and do a video version for YouTube. Whether it ultimately works or not is something that I’m willing to take the chance on. A little trial and error can be a good thing.

Another thing I’m working on beginning next month will be creating topics on both platforms that will be more engaging to you as an audience. On YouTube, one of my favorite things to do is respond to comments and dialogue with people about gaming topics. The NFL 2K5 video has allowed me to do just that with hundreds of people and I regularly have comments to reply to daily on YouTube. This has not been the case here on the main website. I like hearing different opinions and learning from other people so I’m hoping some of the changes I’m making will bring more engagement.

I’ve really been enjoying this journey. Earlier in the year, I had mentioned wanting to start a podcast. That will happen when I reach 1,000 subscribers on YouTube. In the meantime, I’m going to keep blogging and keep posting videos. And if you come across either this blog or my YouTube channel, please don’t be a stranger. Make yourself right at home and let’s talk video games.

-LandoRigs (TVGA)

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to read today’s post. What are some things you would be interested in reading on this blog or seeing on the YouTube channel?

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