Content Creation Should Be Appreciated

Capture Credit: Sean O Connor (YouTube)
‘Sean O Connor’ has created over 7800 videos on his wrestling game YouTube channel.

Before starting the TVGA YouTube Channel back in December, it had been quite a while since I had done anything video related. I graduated from college with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcasting back in 2000 but my career path led me more into journalism than either radio or TV. So before last December, I had not edited a video in several years. Now, after about six months of regularly uploading content to YouTube, I’m quickly recalling just how much work goes into producing video content and it made me appreciate all of the content creators out there that put the time and effort into not only creating their channels but also sustaining them. It’s a lot of work!

I’m a big fan of wrestling games so naturally, I’m subscribed to a few channels that specialize in virtual grappling. YouTuber ‘Sean O Connor’ is one of those channels and the amount of videos that he has produced on his channel is unreal. He has uploaded several thousand videos to date. His dedication is admirable and his upload frequency is daily.

Capture Credit: YongYea (YouTube)
YouTuber ‘YongYea’ provides commentary almost daily on video game news.

When it comes to video game news commentary, I appreciate the insight of YouTuber ‘YongYea.’ He brings a high level of intelligence and candor to his videos. When he takes issue with something, his criticism is constructive and valid whether you agree with him or not. And he is dedicated to keeping his channel updated, even if it means multiple posts in one day. If a big gaming news story breaks, I expect YongYea to have a video up on his channel by day’s end. He is incredibly committed and his millions of subscribers are well earned.

I respect YongYea’s transparency and commitment to being honest with his viewers. Being sent a free product doesn’t compromise his analysis and evaluation of it. If there are issues with the product, he will be quick to point them out. Receiving more freebies in the future from companies is not as important as maintaining his integrity. I find that commendable.

Capture Credit: Best Indie Games (YouTube)
‘Best Indie Games’ is my favorite YouTube channel to visit when it comes to indie titles.

When it comes to indie gaming, no YouTube channel offers the content that ‘Best Indie Games’ does. There is no doubt of the creator’s adoration of the genre from the moment you click on one of the videos. Many of the videos highlight multiple games, which takes much thought and foresight to decide which games to feature and time to edit everything together. If you are into indie games, this is the channel that you want to subscribe to and check out frequently.

These three YouTubers are just a few of the many gaming content creators that I’m personally subscribed to. YouTube is just one platform for gaming entertainment. There’s Facebook, Twitch and several other online venues that host a wide range of gaming content. I’m thankful for those options. The age of social media also allows anyone to be able to generate content provided they know how to operate the tools on the platform they are using.

Content creation involves putting hours upon hours of work into providing entertainment and information to people. Many of these creators put their heart and energy into it. We should always keep this in mind when we post comments and click our likes/dislikes. And let’s make sure not to take these creators for granted.


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