I Got a Cool Achievement in CrossCode

Before April 15th, I had never had a combo last more than 20 minutes.

Today’s post will be a shorter one but the topic is kind of a humorous one. On April 15th, I filed my taxes online. Going into it, I thought that I was going to have it all done within 30 minutes and then move on with the rest of my day. Yes, the deadline had been extended into May, but I’m just used to the April 15th deadline so I filed that evening. The whole process took more than two hours and after I was done, I was mentally exhausted and done for the day.

So what does this have to do with CrossCode? After filing my taxes, I desperately needed to unwind. So I logged into Steam and then chose CrossCode as the game I wanted to lose myself in temporarily. If you want to know my thoughts on the game, I did a post on it not too long ago. So I’m playing the game and leveling up my main character in a grinding session. The way the battle system works, you start at a “D Rank” and the more successive battles you take on without a break, the higher your rank goes until you reach “S Rank.” In S Rank, the enemies keep regularly spawning, allowing you the chance to level up quicker.

There’s something about the battle system of CrossCode that pulls you right in.

So at one point, I’m just in the zone taking on enemy after enemy. Everything was just feeling in a rhythm. I was having an absolute blast. Finally, I decided to stop fighting and go back into town and upgrade my weapons and armor. From there I saved the game and closed it out. I noticed on my Steam page that I had a new achievement called “Combo Breaker!” Apparently, I had fought a steady supply of enemies without stopping for over 20 minutes, which landed me the achievement.

It was shocking to see. I know that I was battling for a while, but had no idea that much time had passed. But I will say that all the tension that I had from doing my taxes was gone after that session with CrossCode. It was definitely what the doctor ordered.


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