How Call Of Duty Gets My Money

Buying Call of Duty: Modern Warfare last December was well worth it.

As popular as the Call of Duty franchise is, I’ve noticed that while there are many that love the games within the series, there are others who can’t stand Call of Duty in general. And then there are still others that like the way Call of Duty used to be during its earlier years and resent the directions the developers have taken since. Either way, Activision has benefited greatly as the publisher of the games as the Call of Duty franchise has generated billions of dollars over the years.

Before last year, my experience with the Call of Duty was very limited. I had played the first three Modern Warfare games and just a smidgen of some of the earlier titles such as Call of Duty 2. I had never played World at War, Black Ops, Infinite Warfare or Advanced Warfare. In essence, there had been a lot that I had missed out on over the years in the series. The main reason? I’m not into competitive multiplayer games and I didn’t want to just buy the games for the campaign. Just playing through the campaign wouldn’t give me the replayability that would warrant a purchase. This isn’t to say that the game wasn’t well produced or didn’t look like fun. It just seemed that in order to get anything out of the game long term, I would have to play online with other players and enter the world of cheating and horrific behavior.

So what changed my mind? Learning that Call of Duty games over the years have incorporated bots into the multiplayer modes in their games. That raised an eyebrow and peaked my interest immediately. I came across this by chance on YouTube and watched gameplay videos intently to see if it was legit. Indeed it was. So during the holiday season last year, I went on a Call of Duty shopping spree. I bought the newest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the old Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare Remastered, Black Ops, Black Ops III, Advanced Warfare, Infinite Warfare and World at War. With the exception of the newest Modern Warfare, all of them were on sale at the time. The best part? I can play with bots in every single one of them. Also, PS Plus offered World War II as one of their free games recently so I now have that in my library as well.

The earlier Call of Duty games on PC such as World at War allow you to play with mods and custom maps.

I enjoy playing each of them and the differences each brings to the table. With the original Modern Warfare, Black Ops and World at War on the PC, I am able to play with a whole assortment of mods not available on the console versions. The Frontlines Forever mod for the original Modern Warfare on PC may just provide the best multiplayer Call of Duty experience of all time with you play solo or with other online players. Then five of the other six Call of Duty games are on the PS4 with Advanced Warfare being on the Xbox 360. I really relish the fact that because of the bots, I actually have a use for the multiplayer mode in these games.

It’s too bad that it isn’t standard for multiplayer shooters to offer gamers all options of playing alone against bots, playing with a mixture of bots and real players, and playing with all real players. I do understand that this is also a decision that is made by developers to provide a greater focus on the areas they deem to be important based on their vision of the game. That, of course, is their right to decide. Yet for me, I will not fork over any money on a multiplayer shooter that doesn’t have a bot option. If Call of Duty continues to have this option, then I will continue to strongly consider the purchase of their future games.

The earnings and accolades of Call of Duty are well deserved. There is something from everyone who is into first person shooters to enjoy. You can play the campaign/story, do co-op missions with other players against the A.I. and engage in a multiplayer mode that has many options to fit the taste of a variety of different players. With Warzone, Call of Duty’s battle royale mode is free to play even if you don’t own the base game. Call of Duty is a very complete first person shooter and that is the reason it is able to get me to fork over my money.


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