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IN THE NEWS: Far Cry 6 Hits PC and Consoles

I’ve always been a sucker for the Far Cry series ever since I played Far Cry 3. The idea of an open world, explorative first-person shooter full of explosive mayhem with a bunch of things to do and a variety of tools to create your… Continue Reading “IN THE NEWS: Far Cry 6 Hits PC and Consoles”

How Halo: Reach Made me a Halo Fan

I will readily admit that I wasn’t historically a Halo fan. When I saw people catching on to the Halo craze back in the early 2000s, I didn’t get it. Many gamers were having a blast on the original Xbox and I even remember… Continue Reading “How Halo: Reach Made me a Halo Fan”

My Favorite Beat-Em-Up Tributes (FREE Games)

Beat-em-up games were some of my favorite types of games to play during my childhood. They were prevalent in arcades and then established their place on home consoles during the 16-bit generation. The premise was simple. Side-scrolling brawling action with two to four players simultaneously… Continue Reading “My Favorite Beat-Em-Up Tributes (FREE Games)”

IN THE NEWS: Marvel’s Avengers Has Arrived on Xbox Game Pass

If you’ve ever wanted to play Marvel’s Avengers but didn’t want to have to pay a significant amount for it, Xbox Game Pass has introduced the least expensive option to try it out. By purchasing a basic Game Pass subscription for a month at… Continue Reading “IN THE NEWS: Marvel’s Avengers Has Arrived on Xbox Game Pass”

So I Decided to Enter the World of Deck-Building

One of my goals for 2021 was to open myself up to new gaming experiences and trying a new genre was one way I’ve accomplished it so far. Recently, I’ve decided to embrace the card battle/deck-building genre. The style of games remind me of… Continue Reading “So I Decided to Enter the World of Deck-Building”